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We're now accepting DTE Gas Company customers! Call today for plans!


When you switch to Ardent, Consumers Energy or DTE Gas Company still delivers your gas, reads your meter, sends you your bill, etc. – the difference is you are buying your gas from Ardent and taking advantage of today’s lower prices.  Ardent Natural Gas is licensed by the Michigan Public Service Commission as an alternative gas supplier (AGS) under the Michigan Natural Gas Customer Choice Program.


Residential Customers

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Guaranteed Savings Plan*

A Residential Variable Rate program that will result in a lower overall cost versus the Utility through the March 2016 billing period. If savings are not realized, Ardent will refund the difference.



  per Mcf
per Ccf
Fixed Rate for 12 Months
No cancellation fee applies, you can cancel at anytime at no cost.





Commercial Customers

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Starting Variable Rate*

Please call us now for the starting variable rate.


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Fixed Rate through March of 2016

No cancellation fee applies, you can cancel at anytime at no cost.



*Each month, Ardent’s variable price will be determined by New York Mercantile Exchange prices, basis differentials, packages of gas purchased and program fees -- if you are on the Variable Rate plan and are not satisfied with Ardent for any reason, you may switch back to your Utility without contract termination fees.  (If you switch back to your Utility, you will be required to stay with them for 12 months, and a $10 switching fee may apply.)